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Electric Power Rates - Residential

To view Commercial/Industrial power rates, please click here.

Residential power rates for the month of February 2017

Availability charge: $15.68 per month
Base energy charge per kilowatt hour (kWhr): $0.06693 per kWhr
Fuel Charge per kWhr: $0.01986 per kWhr
Effective energy rate you pay (Base plus Fuel): $0.08843per kWhr

An average AUB residential customer uses about 1,250 kWhrs of electricity per month.  Under our present residential rate, a customer's monthly bill for 1,250 kWhrs would be $127.11 (.08843 X 1,250) + $15.68.

Understanding Your Rate

Your monthly power bill has two parts:

  1. An Availability Charge; and
  2. An energy usage charge, per kWhr consumed.
The Availability Charge is $15.68. It applies to every bill. This fee allows us to properly maintain, service and insure the 500-plus miles of power distribution lines, thousands of service lines, and all of the associated substations and equipment in the AUB power system. The fee directly contributes to helping us keep your monthly energy use charge as low as we can in the market. For a detailed explanation of the Availability Charge click here.

AUB buys all of its power from TVA. TVA dictates what type rate schedules AUB can offer and uses a Seasonal Rate Schedule that has different base rate levels depending on the season.

Base rates by season:

  • Summer Season: June-September = $0.06852 per kWhr
  • Winter Season: December-March = $0.06545 per kWhr
  • Transition Seasons: April/May & Oct/Nov = $0.06353 per kWhr

You may notice a class code on your AUB bill. Residential customers are classified as Code 1, 22, or 23, and all pay the same rate. Class code 1 is for non-urban residential service; class 22 is for urban residential service; and class 23 is for other types of residential service.


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