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Billing & Payment Options

Left to right: Sonya Cate, Ellen Bowman, Linda Tuggle and Regina Brown

We make it easy to pay for the services you use. You can mail your payment, pay in person at our office during business hours or via the after-hours night drop, or call us on the phone to pay by credit card. For in-person payments at the office, we accept cash, check, money order or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery.) We advise against sending cash in the mail or putting cash in the after-hours night drop. When mailing your payment, be sure that it gets postmarked by the due date on your bill to avoid any late charges. To expedite the process and further ensure proper crediting of your account, write your account number on your check if paying by that method. You can pay your bill at any of these convenient locations:

  • Athens Utilities Board Office
  • Athens Federal Community Bank
  • BB&T(Athens and Englewood only)
  • Capitol Bank
  • Citizens National Bank
  • First Security Bank
  • People's Bank (Englewood and Niota only)
  • Regions Bank
  • SouthEast Bank & Trust
The choice is yours. Payments can be made at the listed area banks on or before the due date of the bill. Please note that the banks will not accept payment after your due date has passed.


AutoPay Bank Draft Option

Never Again Lose a Bill or Miss a Payment

Tired of organizing all the paper bills you get each month? Ever miss a payment because a bill was buried somewhere on the kitchen counter by magazines and junk mail?

We can help you reduce some of that bill clutter while ensuring your utilities payment is never late!

Sign up now for AUB’s EZ Auto Pay Bank Draft Program. You’ll still receive a monthly statement that shows your utilities usage and what your payment will be. You can review it, file it, and forget it. About 14 days after your statement comes, which gives you plenty of time to call us with any questions, your bank checking account will automatically be drafted for the amount of your bill. What’s great is that you can do this no matter where you hold your checking account—locally or even out of state.

Signing up is 1-2-3 easy
  1. Click on this authorization form link, print the form, and fill in the information;
  2. Write "VOID" on one of your checks from the account to be drafted;
  3. Attach the voided check to the form and mail it to the address shown on the form.
Information about the Bank Draft Program is available from any of our customer service personnel at (423) 745-4501.




Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Eliminate the Lows and Highs

Utilities are an interesting product in that you get to use them before you pay for them. During winter cold snaps and summer scorchers, this can lead to quite a shock when you get your bill and realize you used a lot of power or gas.

Budget Billing is a program designed to eliminate the high and low payments, allowing you to more easily budget bills on an annual basis. The Budget Billing program is open only to residential customers who have been living at their present location at least 12 months and who meet the payment criteria. For more information about this program, please call us at 423-745-4501. Ask a Customer Service Rep about "Budget Billing."



Related Information


Payments can now be made by phone with a credit card. Call 745-4501 and ask for a cashier.

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